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Spearfishing in Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Waters teaming with fish at spectacular Cape Verde

Ascension Island

Currently the best spearfishing destination on earth. Insane sized fish in the thickest densities ever discovered to date. A ‘land that time forgot’ of world record monster fish. Needs little description other than the ultimate spearfishing expedition.

The Azores

Action packed spearfishing trips in the stunning Azores – Pico island Key facts: Price: €800 – €1000 per day (for the entire boat – so divide price between number of divers, 4 […]

Bali, Indonesia

Action packed spearfishing trips in thrilling Bali, Indonesia Key facts: Price: 7 day trip – £949 / $1,400 / €1315 12 day trip – $2,545 / £1,725 / €2395 Price […]


Breathtaking fishing and freediving trips in Kenya.  As it is illegal to spearfish in Kenya but we offer boat fishing and freediving here. Key facts: Price: £900 / $1,330 / €1250 Price […]

Krabi, Thailand

Action packed spearfishing trips in incredible Krabi, Thailand Key facts: Price: £599 / $925 / €815 (approx per person) Price includes: Potencial desert island stopover, 5 boat days. Spearfishing awesomeness:  – […]